Mind Excellence

I first went to Mind Excellence as I was having personal issues. I felt an instant shift and since then I have felt detached from those emotions. I found this a fast way to make change and I feel stronger as a person and would absolutely recommend Janis.

Robyn Deboer


 “At first I was quite hesitant about what NLP would actually do for me but after the first session my mind did actually feel free and I felt as if some weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was pretty blown away by it all. Janis was so professional and made me feel at ease. This type of therapy is new to me but after just one session it has made me view things very differently, and positively. I actually can be who I want to be and get what I want to out of life”

Jade Brogmus

Great”‘ Loved it…. exciting new success coming my way!! Wow moved a few old beliefs….during the session. My awareness and focus on life has expanded. My mindset is positive…Thanks looking forward to hypnosis session….

Sheree Scully

Thank you for this Hypnosis Course and making it available to us here in Kalgoorlie/Boulder. Janis was very supportive and gave us a lot of information, providing all we need to succeed in the training and in our chosen path. And helping us to become the best we can be. Thank you Janis

Renea Craig 

“Hi Janis

I just thought I would ping you a quick note to thank you for our recent consultation sessions.

At first I thought having an interstate practitioner wouldn’t work for me, as I’m more of a face to face person. 

However, as I’m constantly on the road for work with a constantly changing travel schedule etc, having our appointments via Skype, Facetime etc actually worked in my favour.

As you came highly recommended, I thought to give it my full attention and commit to your recommendations even though we needed to rely on technology to make it work.

I’m happy to say that my business has continued it’s awesome growth, however more importantly (and the reason I came to you) was to turn my health around, which I’m happy to say has dramatically turned around for the better.

I can’t thank you enough for your complementary therapy’s and also for working with me via various technologies (due to my different business locations) and even a couple of appointment re-schedules.

I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work.”

- Steven Averay, Founder and CEO of PnD Institute

Quiet. Shy. Introverted. Passive. Socially awkward. That’s how I used to feel and was perceived as I lived many years of my life in fear of rejection and judgement. I knew there was another “me”, a beautiful, bubbly, funny, interesting woman that existed and desperately wanted to shine (my true, authentic self) regardless of who I am with. Something had to shift and having seen the incredible changes my mum had experienced with a breakthrough session with Janis I felt this was something that I needed to do and could be the answer. I went to the session wanting confidence and courage. Through the process, Janis showed me that these qualities already existed in me. I came to understand where a number of my limiting beliefs and the “mask” I had created for myself had stemmed from. I also uncovered my purpose and what I’m here to do and am currently on the path of setting up my own business. Almost six months on I no longer shy away from social events (particularly where I don’t know anyone) and continue to push myself to get out there. I’m now connecting with people on a completely different level. For the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable in my own skin not being concerned about others “judging me” and living my life based on this. I’m living a fulfilling life as my genuine and authentic self. Bubbly. Engaging. Beautiful. Confident. Happy. Inspiring. It feels absolutely amazing! I’m incredibly grateful to Janis and my breakthrough session! Highly recommend – truly life changing

Chani Hislop

“Janis was very approachable throughout the 3 Day Hypnosis training and quickly build rapport with us. She was able to adjust the material to suit the small group. I can imagine she will gives us more ongoing support if we require it in the future. Thank you Janis”

- Iris Haynes, Nurture Yourself Mentor 


I visited Janis when I was at very low place in my life. I had been unemployed for 10 months and I seemed to be going backwards instead of forwards.

First of all, Janis took my resume and rearranged it, and I posted it on Seek.

She then commenced on getting rid of all the negativity in me. We worked through a few dark patches in my life and I felt like I cried for days, but I always felt better afterwards. Janis helped me set goals for myself and then work towards them.

I couldn’t believe it, within 2 weeks, I was going for a job interview, which I actually ending up getting! I had set a goal to go on an overseas trip and I actually went!

I have to say that even after 18 months, I still feel very positive!

I owe a lot to Janis, I think I was in my darkest place, with no hope in sight. She worked her magic and here I am today!

I recommend Janis to everyone!

Maria Bray

I was very lucky to have Timeline Therapy with Janis from Mind Excellence. It is an amazing experience and I am still growing from it. It really was amazing uncovering what was causing me to behave and think in certain ways. I now feel differently about myself and many things in my life. There are some things I now never even think about… (Things that I wasted too many thoughts on previously) …. except when I’m talking to people about the change in me after Time Line Therapy. I’ve even taken a new job at work that previously I would not have felt confident to do. Life is what you make it…. you can go on as you are or you can get to know yourself as you would like to be. A lot happier and healthier Cheers!

Enid Brackenhofer


I attended the 3 Day Hypnosis Training in Kalgoorlie / Boulder. I loved the 3 days and am so grateful for this opportunity to have been available. ” Highly Recommend it ” Perfect

Leonie Ivey

I had a session with Janis regarding self-motivation. I am employed with a Healthcare Company and we don’t have an Office in Adelaide so I work from a “Home Office”. I have appointments at Hospitals and I have to maintain a call rate. I make appointments throughout the week and when I have a cancellation, it is very easy to find that I’ve spent that time not really accomplishing a great deal. I wasn’t making the most of the opportunity to catch up on other tasks. I need to stay focused and motivated as my job is fairly high pressure. Janis was really insightful and identified there was a pattern around securing appointments and making commitments. Over the course of 2 sessions it was completely cleared. Janis was creative in her approach and I felt I could go back to see her at any time if I needed to. My sessions were back in May and I haven’t needed to go back. I am now more comfortable with doing the tasks related to making appointments and being more productive.

The sessions opened up the scope of my work commitments for me and in fact, it has made me feel more satisfied with my job.

As a coach, Janis is very insightful, supportive and committed to making a difference. A great coach to work with! I highly recommend Janis as a NLP and Time Line Therapy Coach.

Sharon Martin

Using Timeline Therapy® and Hypnosis – In less than two hours, Janis helped me removed sadness, hurt, anger and conflict from my unconscious and conscious mind. It’s only been less than a week since my consultation but it has been one of the most effective processes I have been through.

The session was incredibly effortless – it was relaxing and I felt safe and didn’t have to drag up a lot of past pain and memories like some other therapies demand.

Her professional manner, vast knowledge and skill made me feel comfortable, secure, in control and like anything was possible.

Janis worked with me to help me identify a goal of finishing my novel. The hypnosis was effortless, rapid and effective and I’ve found myself inspired to write again. Not only have I written five thousand words in four days but I am enjoying it immensely. The goal has never been more attainable and exciting to work towards!

Vanessa Jones, 33, Magill.

Jones Writer

Janis Is the “Real Deal”! I experienced the most powerful, positive, life changing revelation of my life in TWO 4 hour Skype session with Janis! I am the first to admit that I was skeptical of NLP and had never really heard of it before! She scheduled our session around my life which meant we had to Skype at 3 am Adelaide time. I am from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada which is 17 hours behind Adelaide time.

Janis and I first met in 1989 when I was backpacking through Australia. Fast forward to March 2016…we reconnected through face book! We Skype chatted a couple of times to catch up and by pure serendipity; I find out she helps lost people find their way!

No doubt I was a lost soul! I turned 50 this year. I was miserable and resentful and blamed my Husband of 22 years for leaving me to raise our two children while he worked out of town. I was self- loathing, purposely isolated myself from friends and avoided social events. My life as a stay at home mom no longer brought me joy or fulfillment, and I would nap for hours every day to avoid dealing with life! To make matters worse I had gained 30 pounds in the past year!

Janis guided me through this revelation by getting me to address all my negative feelings of hate, anger, sadness, fear and blame! I don’t know what exactly happened or how, but a sense of peace and purpose replaced the negative and my life began to change immediately! I realized my husband was my partner, not my enemy. My friends have now come back into my life, and I have also met new ones. I hike, walk or run almost daily and have lost 18 pounds since the beginning of March. I now take responsibility for my life and have stopped the blame game! I am no longer a victim, as I am in control of my own destiny.

In some ways Janis has saved my life and gave my children their mother back!

I am forever thankful and grateful that Janis came into my life again when she did!

Debbie Jurgens - Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Once again, I have had the privilege of studying with Janis, this time in NLP. Janis, I am grateful for your patience, for the amazing difference you have made to my life and the opportunity I now have to help others. Thank you.

Trudi Hislop - Trusupport